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Everything about near-infrared spectroscopy

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mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

The Near-IR spectra that are used for quality control of food are quite complex to analyze. They contain overtones and combination spectra which are broad-band and a few ...

Detection of fraudulent fish using NIR spectroscopy and Chemometrics

mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

The demand for consumption of fish has increased significantly in recent years due to the desire of consumers to eat healthier food. The market has responded by producing ...

Comparing Hyperspectral Imaging and Near IR spectroscopy for detection of Salmonella and other bacteria in Milk, Juice and Poultry

mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

Milk is rich in its ingredients and contains fat, protein minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and tens of thousands of other ingredients. It is a perfect environment for ...

Near Infrared measurement of Cannabis Potency

mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and in many US states, the need to quantify potency of cannabis has become more urgent. If the cannabis is used for medicinal...

Agricultural health monitoring and soil monitoring using Near IR spectroscopy

mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

When agricultural health monitoring is mentioned, several aspects needs to be considered. One main aspect is the quality of the vegetable leaf itself even if the plant ...

Comparing the NIR spectroscopic method withFTIR/FT-NIR

mai 18, 2021 Rez Mani

The goal of this article is to compare the near IR spectroscopic technique with FT-IR and FT-NIR methods. Molecular spectroscopy is the study of interaction of Electromagnetic...

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